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What do we do?

Support to decide
what degree and
university you want
to enroll in.

When you interact with college students from the degrees you have in mind, you will get realistic expectations of what each degree offers and the different approaches that each university has.
High School Student
If you are in the ninth, tenth, or eleventh grade and you don't know which major or which university to choose… Sign up! We will contact you with university students who are enrolled in the degree of your interest so that you can clarify your doubts directly.
College Student
What things would you have liked to know before entering to study? Well now you can help a future college student make the right decision. Just sign up and tell them in a short conversation your experiences, tips and tricks to study your degree.

From your social networks (Twitter) you can see statistics that indicate which areas of knowledge are related to your topics of interest and search for future degree options, explore various alternatives!
We accompany you throughout the process to choose your degree and university by connecting you with college students who have already gone through that decision-making.
Let nothing escape you because of an oversight. Our calendar is a quick and easy way to add deadlines for applications, scholarships and documents needed to enroll in the university of your interest.

What do our users say?

"Personally, I believe that these processes before leaving for a professional life are very important, since we resolve doubts and become a little clearer about what we want to do in the future."
“I loved that the students know how to explain in depth the aspects related to the career ... It is very cool that the Guruhs try to be more of a friend than a career counselor."
“Each experience and space allows us to be clearer about our university career ... All the students had an excellent control of the subject and knew in depth the requirements of the career."
María Paula
“I think that the possibility to interact with the students is super important. I feel mentoring helps to clarify doubts about career experiences, and help us to choose which path we should take in our future."

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